Port of Seattle Stormwater Education

Veda designed educational signage for new stormwater treatments on the Port of Seattle's maritime properties

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Port of Seattle Stormwater Education

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Port of Seattle


Stormwater is one of the major sources of pollution to waterways in urban areas. The Port of Seattle’s Maritime Environmental Program has been busy installing innovative means to collect and clean stormwater from its buildings and paved surfaces to prevent pollution from entering Puget Sound.  These treatment approaches include oyster barrels (barrels full of crushed oyster shells - pictured above), a Splashboxx® and a rain garden.


We created interpretive signage to be installed alongside the stormwater treatments located in sereral locations on the Port’s maritime properties. Each signs includes a QR code for non-English speaking viewers to download a version of each sign in Spanish, Vietnamese and Chinese. 


Veda is helping educate folks on the good work the Port is doing to reduce stormwater pollution. One of the installations is a rain garden located in Myrtle Edwards Park along the bike path.  Next time you are at the park, look for the new sign (to be installed Spring 2020)


These fun and engaging signs educate the Port staff and the public on the approaches underway to reduce stormwater. The Port of Seattle is commited to protecting Puget Sound and its waterways. Across the region, this will be an on-going challenge for place that continues to grow and expand.


Each rain garden, oyster barrel and Splashboxx® employed by the Port is checked regularly to ensure that the water leaving the installations continues to be clean of pollutants. Did you know that the oyster shells can be cleaned off and reused, again and again? Amazing!



The Port of Seattle is committed to green!

The Port of Seattle is striving to be one of the greenest ports in the world. This commitment to sustainability is so important to a region that prides itself on a thriving and healthy environment. By educating the public and staff on stormwater pollution measures underway, we can be proud of the steps that Port is taking to protect Puget Sound. Keep up the good work, Port of Seattle!