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Listen to Veda's podcast Conservation Café

Conservation Café, hosted by Veda Co-Founder and Principal Hilary Wilkinson, is designed to inspire and empower everyone working at the front lines of the conservation and sustainability battles. This upbeat podcast shines a bright spotlight on where these challenging battles are being won, and how. Each episode features individuals whose work is making a real difference in protecting the air we breathe, the water we drink, or the critters who make our hearts go pitter patter (or fill our fishing nets and crab pots).
At Conservation Café, you'll meet innovative and determined conservation practitioners who have faced an endless parade of skeptics, confronted and overcome language barriers, and braved old adversaries to advance sustainability and conservation efforts across the globe. These successes share common themes of innovation in how science is communicated and engagement of diverse perspectives.
The trailer and several episodes are now available on your favorite podcast Apps. New episodes will be published once a month.