Successful meetings, workshops and events don’t happen by chance. They are the result of carefully designed processes led by professional facilitators who work hard to build trust and collaboration among participants. Veda’s team of experienced, certified facilitators work with clients to design and implement processes that foster productive dialogue and culminate in agreement on priority actions that help projects and programs gain traction.


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Stakeholder Outreach and Engagement

Natural resource protection and restoration efforts are more likely to succeed if the diverse array of individuals who are interested in and/or impacted by them have had meaningful opportunities to engage.  

Veda staff are passionate about providing stakeholders with this opportunity. Our efforts not only help build broad support for important restoration and protection efforts, but also result in better and more sustainable projects that reflect the important insights and values provided by stakeholders.   

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Science and Technical Communication

The natural world is complex, and so too are the efforts to understand, protect and restore it. Veda’s team of science communication experts have extensive experience translating science and technical information into compelling language and images that are accessible and comprehensible to broad audiences. Our science backgrounds coupled with decades of science communication practice have resulted in communication products that tell a clear story and have impact. 

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Strategic Planning

“Failing to plan is planning fail”.  A well-crafted strategic plan is a roadmap to achieving success for any entity. We lead organizations through engaging and creative strategic planning processes that result in a clear ‘north star’ direction for moving forward. Our strategic planning workshops include relationship-building activities that fosters commitment and collaboration across staff within an organization as they chart their future course. 


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Built on over two decades of first-hand experience, Veda has developed cutting edge trainings designed to empower natural resource practitioners. Our trainings in stakeholder engagement, facilitation and science communication are specially designed to share best practices and tricks of the trade that we have successfully used in our own work. Our trainings are custom-designed to meet your organization’s unique needs. Download the Trainings We Offer.


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Workshop Planning

We design workshops that deliver. How? By focusing on creating and employing key ingredients: a solid outcome-oriented agenda, thoughtful and detailed preparation, seamless orchestration and facilitation, and comprehensive follow-up. We plan small workshops and large, multi-day events with concrete outcomes and clear next steps. In short, we work with you to ensure that your workshop is meaningful, engaging and productive.


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