Hello. We’re Veda.

Veda is co-owned by two enthusiastic and dedicated professional women with over 40 years combined experience protecting natural resources. Hilary and Sarah formed Veda in 2008 out of both frustration and passion: frustration with the inefficiences of many environmental protection efforts, and passion for working more constructively.

Sarah Brace

Principal & Co-founder

Sarah is a science junky at heart, with passion for seeing the trees for the forest. Her background in botany, air quality and forest ecology led her though a circuitous route to her current role at Veda, where she helps connect science to decisions-makers.

Sarah’s current passions:

  • Preventing oil spills from happening
  • Translating jargon into everyday terms
  • Leading sticky conversations
  • Skiing, hiking, and basically doing anything outdoors
  • Tying science to action
  • Practicing German — Was ist los?
  • Raising Mason bees in her garden

Sarah earned her B.A. in Biology at Smith College, and M.S. in Forestry at the University of Washington.


Sarah has an amazing grasp of complex scientific subjects and how to communicate them effectively to the public. She facilitates technical discussions among experts and arrives at the kernel of wisdom that lies within. Her passion for finding solutions is manifest through an energy to listen to polarized stakeholders and find value in all sources of input to a discussion.

- Doug Myers, Director of Science (former), People for Puget Sound

Hilary Wilkinson

Principal & Co-founder

Hilary is a middle child and a natural mediator. Fascinated by science and politics, she has a soft spot for critters great and small and found her true calling mediating and facilitating environmental disputes and processes.

Hilary’s current passions:

  • Addressing legacy pollution
  • Cleaning up derelict fishing gear
  • Helping environmental scientists parley their work into action and communicate with mere mortals
  • Kayaking, swimming, skiing, and backpacking

Hilary earned her B.A. in Political Science at Occidental College, and an M.S. in Environmental Science and a Masters in Public Affairs from Indiana University’s School of Public and Environmental Affairs


The success of Hilary's facilitation skills comes from her extensive background in the science and policy of environmental issues and helping us plan and stage work sessions to achieve our goals. She was adept at listening, quickly processing input from the group, keeping us organized and on track while moving forward toward our goals.

- Mary Knackstedt, Executive Coordinator (former), San Juan MRC

Fun Fact: Veda means “science” in Czech and “knowledge” or “wisdom” in Sanskrit.

Veda equals