The Veda Way

We help our clients, their key stakeholders, and their constituencies understand complex environmental issues, forge common purpose, and formulate practical, coherent policies so they can build prosperous and sustainable futures together. It’s essentially a plug-and-play process that we can adapt to solve any problem. Here’s how it works:

Number one

1. Situation

A deep dive into understanding all that is at play, what’s at stake, who is impacted, and possible solutions.

  • Ask lots of questions
  • Interview stakeholders
  • Review research data
  • Research similar projects in the community
  • Interview other professionals

2. Design

We head back to Veda world headquarters to brainstorm ideas on what the solution should look like.

  • Think and brainstorm
  • Create flow charts
  • Collaborate with other people
  • Write the Action Plan
  • Share our recommendations with the client
Number two
Number three

3. Action

Do the work that we agreed to do in step 2.

  • Facilitate meetings where groups large or small discuss the problem and share ideas with Veda at the helm
  • Hold town hall meetings where communities come together to hear information and ask questions
  • Publish information via websites, handouts, posters, signage, etc.

4. Outcome

Provide a practical “go forward” plan that will have positive impact for the original issue.

  • Compile all the learnings into a final report
  • Define how to move forward, who needs to do what, and who made what commitments
  • People who weren’t working together before are now collaborating to solve problems
  • The environment is healthier
  • Communities of people feel heard and seen

Number four

Services We Provide



Our trainings and one-on-one coaching are based on over two decades of experience of simplifying the message. We can help you convey technical information in a straightforward and comprehensive way, giving your project an opportunity for greater impact. We offer 1-, 2- and 3-day sessions custom designed to your organization’s unique needs and circumstances. Download the Trainings We Offer.

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Successful meetings, workshops and events rarely happen by chance. Our professional team of facilitators helps ensure success through careful research, planning and design. From there, we bring our well-oiled facilitation skills to guide group conversations and efforts that achieve consensus on priority actions to move important issues forward.

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Public outreach

Public Outreach

We help build public outreach processes and products that engage citizens and businesses so that projects have the public’s support and buy-in right from the beginning.

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Strategic planning

Strategic Planning

We guide public, private, tribal and non-profit organizations through thoughtful, engaging, and fun planning processes that build relationships and advance important efforts.

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Stakeholder engagement

Stakeholder Engagement

We are experienced at stakeholder mapping to identify essential stakeholders for key topics and issues. We then design processes that engage them appropriately to ensure voices are heard and key entities are included.

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Science comm

Science Communication and Education

We translate from science into English by working with scientists, technical experts and resource managers to communicate technical information that is meaningful and actionable for decision-makers, planners and the public.

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Workshop planning

Workshop Planning

We design workshops that deliver. How? By focusing on the key ingredients: a solid outcome-oriented agenda, detailed preparation, seamless orchestration, and comprehensive follow-up.

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On a Mission

At Veda, we are passionate about tackling the daunting environmental challenges of our time: addressing climate change, protecting and restoring habitat and species at risk, preventing oil spills, and cleaning up stormwater.

We know from experience that solving complex natural resource challenges depends on thoughtful and skillful collaboration across political, social, economic and geographic boundaries. Right up our alley!

I rely on Sarah and Hilary extensively and their work has been excellent and above expectations.

- Curtis Hinman, Senior Scientist, Herrera Environmental Consultants (formerly with WSU Puyallup Research and Extension Center)